'Wild' camping to be legalised in parts of England & Wales

First off, the term 'wild camping' might be a little bit of a stretch. With thousands of us opting to pitch up in the wilderness over a campsite, Wild Camping is snowballing in popularity. The trouble is, it is illegal in pretty much all of England and Wales - with the exception of an area in Dartmoor - as pretty much all land in the countries is registered as private property. Scotland, Ireland and several countries in Europe allow wild camping, but until now England and Wales had not entertained the idea.

Most wild campers follow the mantra 'arrive late, leave early and leave no trace' which has become an iconic phrase in the community. This was borne out of fear and respect for farmers or land owners.

That could all be set to change though. A pilot platform has been launched and is legalising wild camping in England & Wales for the very first time, and could have a profound impact on the community, and the wilderness.

Now, as I mentioned, the term 'wild' camping might be a bit of a stretch as the new site 'UK Wild Camp' allows users to book tent pitches in some of the UK's most remote and idyllic spots, including some National Parks. These areas of course were previously legally off limits.

The initiative is part of a 'great outdoors' movement in order to help encourage a new generation of children and young adults outside, and into the fresh air. Whether this will help to improve the overall demographic of campers and hikers is yet to be seen but it sounds promising for the future if wild camping proves to be beneficial.

What's your opinion? Is this a good thing? Or will it entice trouble to the peace and tranquility we have come to love? Do you even think this counts as 'wild' camping? Have your say in the comments section below.

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