The Indonesia Visa Dilemma

Visa Dilemma! Pierce and I realised 2 weeks into our time in Indonesia that we mistakenly booked our flight out of Bali 32 days after our arrival. The Visa only allowed us a 30 day pass.

There is a large grey area around this situation online. Some websites say your visa can be extended whilst in Bali and others say you can only stay longer than 30 days if you purchase a 60 day visa on your arrival into the country at the airport. We contacted numerous email addresses we found online to extend our visa or to be advised of our options. Unfortunately we didn’t receive any response to our emails.

There is currently a fine of 1 Million per day for over staying, recently risen from 300K. This meant we would each face a fine of £115, unless we left the country and returned.

We weighed up our options and couldn’t bare to chuck £230 away on a late leaving fee. Instead we booked a flight to Singapore, paying £180 p/p for a return flight including hostel accommodation for 1 night. Flights out of Indonesia at this time were expensive, I have recently looked at return flights from Bali and found them to be much cheaper than what we paid. If you had this situation in Laos/Cambodia for example it would be cheaper and easier to get a bus, cross the border and then return. Due to Indonesia being so isolated getting a flight was our best option.

Although this was more expensive than the fine we were actually gaining something from it, opposed to paying £115 just to leave Bali.

This was a mistake easily made, simply by arriving on a particular date and booking to leave on the same date the following month. When booking your flights ahead make sure that you count the days oppose to presuming the same date is 30 days on from your arrival. Learn from our mistakes!

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