Thailands Top Tips & Overall Budget

Top tips:

•Withdraw as much as possible when taking money out of the ATM. It will charge you 220 Baht per transaction no matter how much you withdraw.

•Use 12Go for buses, boats & trains. This website was by far the best and so simple to use.

•Avoid ordering taxis, instead try to flag one down as we found these to be significantly cheaper than a private taxi.

•Pre book your Full Moon Koh Phangan accommodation as it will sell out quick.

•Eat Thai food as much as possible, not only is it tasty it’s also a lot cheaper than western food.

•Hire bikes, they saved Pierce and I so much money. They also give you to freedom to go where you like around the island.

•When heading to Koh Nang Yuan, get to the island by 10am for the islands opening as it’s more than likely to be pretty empty at that time!

•John Suwan in Koh Tao is a must do for all view point lovers, do this later in the day so it’s cooler.

•Koh Taos pub crawl was one of our top highlights from our time in Thailand.

•Bottle beach made our time in Koh Phangan, I couldn’t recommend it more.

•Count the items you give in for laundry, sometimes you don’t always get back what you give in.

•PLEASE avoid any elephant parks unless you’ve done your research and can be 100% sure they’re ethical. There is far too many advertised throughout Thailand that are cruel to the elephants.

•Massaman curry was my favourite dish from Thailand and Pierces was Thai Red curry.

•Banana Bar in Phi Phi had amazing Mexican food, Best Nachos ever!

•Visit Koh Yao Noi for one night, it’s off grid and not many people would think to go but it’s amazing for biking around. Just a 30 minute boat from Phuket too.



9th July OYO : £6 (1 night)

Mad Monkey: £12 (1 night)

Summer beach hostel: £29 (3 nights)

Ko Tao resort: £30 (2 nights)

Echo Beach: £36 (3 nights)

Bottle beach: £9 (1 night)

Three trees Koh Samui: £33 (3 nights)

Cheeky monkey hostel: £11 (2 nights)

Tuana The Phulin Resort: £4.50 (1 night)

Corner bungalows (house): £12.50

Aonang Eco Inn Krabi: £13 (2 nights)

Phutawan resort Railay: £25 (2nights)

U Sabai living hotel: £4 (1 night)

Total accommodation one month: £225

Cash withdrawals:

Cash withdrawn at home £200

Extra withdraw £170

Extra Withdrawal 2 £200

Extra withdrawal 3 £50

Extra withdrawal 4 £30

Total withdrawal: £650

Main Transport:

Train £25

Boat to Tao £20

Tao to Pha-ngan £9

To Samui £10

Samui to Phuket £22

Phuket to Ko Yao Noi £13

Ko Yao Noi to krabi £17

Krabi to phi phi £12

Phi phi to Phuket £12

Total Travel all booked : £141

Total spend in Thailand: £1016 P/P

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