Thailand’s Diary: Phuket, Koh Yao Noi, Krabi & Phi Phi

We pre booked a ticket using 12Go to pick us up from our hostel in Koh samui all the way to our hotel in Phuket. This cost £22 P/P and took 10 1/2 hours.. Very long! This journey was made up of Taxis, Buses and a boat.

My family have now arrived for my 21st so we will be travelling together for the next 2 weeks!

Green Elephant Sanctuary!

So as I’ve mentioned before I feel strongly towards the way elephants are treated and thesanctuary’s that care for them. We found the green elephant sanctuary in Phuket, we read review after review and not a single one out of the hundreds had a bad thing to say. We booked it through phucket tours at £69 per person, this is pretty expensive for a travellers budget but we soon realised it was worth every penny.

We booked onto the afternoon half day, we were picked up from our hotel and driven to the sanctuary around an hours journey away. Whilst there we met with the elephants who could freely walk around, no chains, no restrictions just at their own leisure. We fed them and learnt about each elephants background and where they were rescued from. Green Elephant Sanctuary has only been up and running for around a year and has already saved many elephants from the horrific lives they were living. We were able to have a mud bath and shower them before being given an all you can eat Thai buffet. The money that you pay for this experience goes towards saving to buy an elephant in need, the grounds were spotless and you could really see the close bond these elephants had with their carers. This has been the highlight of my time in Thailand so far, not only meeting these beautiful animals but knowing they are now in good care. I couldn’t recommend this sanctuary enough.

Koh Yao Noi

An hour taxi to the pier then a 30 minute boat ride to Koh Yao Noi, we arrived at our beach house. It was a very quiet island with little tourists although enough to do! We went to the beach & had lunch before hiring out motorbikes. We drove around the whole island, it was amazing! We visited a waterfall, Drove along the coast line and stopped off at the food market. This island is so quiet which made Koh Yao Noi the perfect place for a road trip! This was my family’s first experience of driving a Motor bike and they smashed it, this would definitely be the ideal place to try it although I still haven’t braved driving one yet 🤔 motor bikes cost 200 Baht for 24 hours.


We pre booked our ticket using good old 12go, our ticket included hotel pick up & the boat over to Railay beach east floating pier (£17 p/p). I had booked the boat to the wrong pier however we were able to get off at the pier before hand in Ao Nang. There’s a good vibe in Krabi, Very busy and has a real holiday feel. The beach wasn’t great but had a beautiful sun set. Food & drinks were also pretty cheap, 100 baht cocktails at happy hour!


The only way to Railay was via boat, there’s a long tail boat hut on the beach front where you can book. They charge 100 Baht p/p for the boat to Railay, take note that they won’t usually leave until there are 8 people to fill the boat. This trip was actually a bit of a nightmare! We got drenched on the long tail, Dropped off in the sea with water up to our hips, carried our bags to shore then had a 20 minute walk up hill to our resort. Railay was worth every minute of that journey, it’s beauty and lack of tourism was unreal.

Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi! All boats were pre booked through 12Go (£12 p/p). I booked the boat from Ao Nang rather than Railay, this turned out to be more hassle than it was worth. Instead we booked another boat at Railay pier which would take half the time and saved us money on a long tail back to Ao nang. Top tip! So far we’ve learnt that avoiding the easier option initially can turn out to be just as expensive,maybe consider the time you may be wasting to save a few pound.

We moved around a lot on Phi Phi, our first night being at ChongKhao bungalows. We chose to stay for one night as it was cheap & fairly central.

DO NOT BOOK THIS TOUR! On my birthday we booked a half day boat trip through GetYourGuide for £28 each, this was a long tail trip with ‘no more than 8 people’. We were meant to visit monkey beach, Bamboo island, Lagoons, Mosquito island & lastly Maya Bay for sunset. This could not had been anymore miss leading.. on the day Bamboo island & Mosquito island were not on the itinerary , when questioning this I was told this was only included on the full day trip. We were then told we wouldn’t be able to go to Maya Bay due to the waves, we were offered no other alternative. When setting out on the boat we pulled up against a cliff wall to then be told they couldn’t get to monkey beach but we could see monkeys on the wall here. So overall 4 of the locations advertised on this trip were missed off. I wouldn’t advise booking this trip, not only did they miss off a whole lot of what was advertised they crammed 16 people on this ‘maximum of 8 day tour’.

In the evening my Family, Pierce and I went to Banana bar for dinner. I could not recommend this place enough! The food was to die for and reasonably priced too. Mexican is my favourite cuisine so this was the perfect place to spend my 21st. They had a film showing when we first arrived, once the film had finished they played music and we continued the night with cocktails. Although the boat trip didn’t go to plan, I had the best 21st celebrating with my favourite people.

We stayed a night in Blancos city hostel, it was £6 p/n p/p and just a 2 minute walk from all the bars and restaurants. There was a second Blanco hostel on the beach, we were given a wrist band that also gave us the happy hour there. We enjoyed our stay here, Wasn’t too loud so we still got our sleep.

A must on Phi Phi is the view point. It cost 30 Baht to reach the top and takes around 15 minutes if you continuously climb. The view is beautiful, we done it at sunset which is always my favourite time to climb. The climb isn’t too tough, it’s mainly stairs and at the top it’s a gravel path.


We pre booked our boat (12Go) to Phuket from Phi Phi pier for £12 each. The journey took just over two hours however it was really rough so not good for people who are sea sick like me 🤢we spent one last night in U Sabai living hotel a 5 minute walk from Bangla Road, this was a really nice place to stay. We hit Bangla road with my parents for one last night out before heading to Malaysia the following day. A airport transfer for 5 people cost 200 Baht each (£5.50) and took around an hour. Time to say good bye to the family and board our plane to Kuala Lumpur 🇲🇾

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