Thailand’s Diary: Koh Tao, Koh Phangan & Koh Samui

Arriving down south!

Koh Tao

After what turned Into a 13 hour train to Surat Thani, we headed to the port to catch our boat (we pre booked our boat online for 800 Baht p/p). From there we had to get a taxi to our hostel around a 10 minute drive costing 500 Baht. We spent that evening having food and drinks on the beach at sunset, roughly spending around 900 Baht each.

Top tip! Every Friday the dive community walk along the beach asking for volunteers to do a beach clean up. It only lasts around 30 minutes but every little helps, you also get a free beer after!

On day 2 we got a long tail boat over to Kho Nang Yuan, this is a must when coming to Koh Tao!! We decided to get the earliest boat over at 9:30am for when the island opens at 10am, we were the first to walk along the beautiful beach! It cost 100 Baht to come on the island and 300 Baht for a return boat. They don’t allow any plastic on this island so avoid bringing bottles of water. There is a beautiful view point that you should 100% do, it only takes around 15 minutes but again get there early if possible as we had the view all to ourselves. FYI bring a bottle of mosquito spray as it was gnat central at the view point. We spent our evening at Lotus bar watching the fire show and getting bevy, we finished our night in Fishbowl bar which in my opinion is by far the best place to party on Koh Tao!

Day 3! We spent chilling on the beach slightly hungover..what better way to get over a hangover than join Koh Tao pub crawl! We went for an amazing massaman curry at a local restaurant before heading to Choppers where the pub crawl starts! It cost 490 Baht to join the crawl, this included a lady boy show that made the night! The biggest pub crawl in Asia, 200 backpackers and a whole lot of can’t go wrong!

Pierce and I decided we needed a night or two away from bunk beds so headed over to the south of the island for 2 nights in Koh Tao resort. We bagged this beaut of a hotel for £30 a night, slightly expensive in a backpackers budget but with the both of you splitting the cost £15 is a whole lot more affordable!

After a day by the pool we climbed the John Suwan view point, man was it scary! You literally have to climb on your hands and knees up at least half of it.. Top tip! Wear trainers and suitable clothing, bikinis and flip flops are a definite no go! The top was just a load of rocks piled up, definitely not the most safe I’ve ever felt 🤣safety aside, the view was unreal and by far the most rewarding view point I’ve ever completed. If you ever have the pleasure of climbing this gem, make sure you take 100 Baht with you as they charge you as you enter.

Koh Phangan

Arriving in Koh Phangan! We arrived after a 2 hour boat (350 Baht p/p) to our hostel Echo Beach. There was a great vibe at Echo Beach, the weather wasn’t great so we hung out in the chill out area making friends & playing cards. In the evening the hostel provided an all you can eat Thai buffet for 120 Baht, it tasted amazing!

Today we braved peds! We hired it for 250 Baht (£6.50) for 24 hours and put 100 baht (£2.60) gas in although we 100% didn’t need that much. We were pretty nervous so stuck to 30 mph and avoided dirt track roads. We went to Secret Beach, to be perfectly honest we were just as disappointed with this beach as we were the rest of the beaches in Koh Phangan. We haven’t taken a huge liking to this island so far, we’re hoping that will change.

Full Moon time! We pre’d at the hostel, Echo Beach is amazing for socialising and making lots of new friends from all over the world. The hostel offered a free transfer to the full moon, on arrival you pay 100 baht for your wrist band then enter the beach to party! We found the whole party to be a little over crowded and pretty gross, so many people were in the sea using it as a toilet and others were rolling around in it. We enjoyed ourselves however we found the full moon to be pretty over rated.

After a morning in bed we decided to head to the Masons Arms for a well missed roast dinner 😍it was amazing, definitely hit the spot for my love of gravy! It was around £8/£9 for a roast, a little expensive compared to how cheap the local food is however it was worth every penny!

Bottle Beach! After 3 nights in the hostel we decided to head to the quiet Bottle Beach. Getting here wasn’t that easy, there is no road to bottle beach so we had to get a taxi to Ban Chalok and then get a long tail boat around the island onto Bottle Beach. Taxi cost 200 Baht each (roughly 20/25 minute journey) and boat cost 150 baht each. Our beach hut was insanely beautiful (£17 per night, Bottle beach 1) The beach itself was just unreal, to top that there were 4 micro pigs running around and they were adorable! It was pretty quiet as not many people know or can be bothered to trek to bottle beach, this made it all the more relaxing! Pierce and I wasn’t a big fan of Koh Phangan, there was just something about it we didn’t enjoy..however bottle beach completely made our time here so I would definitely advise giving it a visit!

Koh Samui

Heading from Bottle Beach to Koh Samui. We booked our boat a couple of days ago through 12Go for 300 Baht P/P (£7.50/£8) this only took 30 minutes. When collecting our tickets we were offered 150 baht p/p transfer to anywhere on the island, this was the cheapest option. We arrived at 3 Trees Samui, location wise this wasn't a great place to stay. We were around a 15 minute walk to the nearest 7/11 and restaurants, not too bad however there is no night life what so ever so bare this in mind.

We hired a ped for 2 days to get around the island, I would definitely advise this as it will be the best and cheapest way for you to explore. For 2 days the bike was just 100 Bhat p/p per day, so around £2.70! We visited Namuang waterfall, this was worth a visit! From here we went to Lamai beach, this was where all the resorts were so kind of felt like we were in Spain but wasn’t too busy! In the evening we visited a local restaurant and ate for 100 baht each, including a drink (£2.70). The next 2 days we struggled for something to do, we mainly chilled by the pool and had beach days.

The closest night life was in Lamai, a 30 minute walk from our hotel. We headed down there for some food, the restaurant we went too had happy hour for pizza & pasta. We shared a pizza (90 Baht p/p) then we enjoyed a couple of 100 Baht cocktails. There was little to not atmosphere in Lamai, we found a bar that done 70 baht cocktails so finished our night there.

Moving to Chewang beach! We’ve heard that this is where the night life is in Samui, so we booked a private room in Cheeky Monkey hostel (£6 p/p p/n). There was a lot of restaurants, bars & shops nearby so it would be easy to head out for some food. We walked to Bo Phut beach as this is where the beach front bars were and also a main strip for later on in the evening. We met up with a guy we met in Bangkok and his friends, spent the night drinking down the beach and then headed to the strip to finish the night! The night life here was soo much better than Lamai beach.

Next stop.. Phuket!

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