Thailand’s Diary: Bangkok

After years of saving, endless planning and a whole lot of excitement.. we have finally landed in Bangkok!

(Please note, we did not look like this when we landed 🤣)

Getting from the airport to the centre was pretty easy from the start. When exiting the airport there is a taxi rank just outside, you collect a number from the machine and it advises you what lane to to go to for pick up. The taxi cost us 600 Baht for around an hours journey into the centre where our hotel was. Our mind was put at rest that this taxi was legitimate because of the system, please make sure your taxi is legit before jumping in!

We arrived at OYO hotel and headed out to 7/11 for a trusting cheese toastie, my favourite thing from my previous trip! Soon followed by another 3:30am trip as Pierce couldn’t sleep haha. On our first morning we headed to mad monkey hostel, around a 30 minute taxi cost us just 89 Baht. When arriving at mad monkey we checked in and headed to Koh san road for some street food, we had Prawn rolls & pad tai for just 90 baht.

^ This was in the back of our taxi explaining how the meter works, I don’t think this is always followed but there’s a rough idea for prices.

After exploring Koh san road we got a tuc tuc (100 Baht p/p) to Pho wat temple (200 Baht p/p). Top tip! Wear something to cover your shoulders and legs,shorts and vests were not allowed so I had to buy a cover up at the temple for 100 baht. This temple was beautiful and not very busy, this made the whole experience a lot more enjoyable.

Koh san road! We had pre drinks at the hostel and mingled before heading to Koh san road. We hit the strip and had drink after drink, bucket after bucket! It wasnt actually as cheap as I remembered it to be, 180 baht for buy one get one free cocktails and 300 baht for buckets which is still mega cheap compared to London prices! We grabbed some street food on our way back and hit the sack.

Hanging out of our backsides we decided to get a foot massage.We paid 150 baht each for 30 mins, the lady’s actually gave us a short shoulder massage after so that was an added extra! Luckily not the added extra some are given in Thailand 😂After dinner we headed to the station for our train down to Surat Thani, this was booked through 12GO for £27 p/p.

Pierce and I decided that the time we spent in Bangkok was enough, we done what we had planned and was ready to move onto the South. Im sure there was still plenty more to do in Bangkok so maybe an extra day or two would suit you depending on how much you enjoy the hustle and bustle of a City!


For 2 full days in Bangkok & our transfer from the airport we spent £79 each. That includes accommodation, meals, activities, all transport & drinks.

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