Preparing for South East Asia

Hi guys! With just 2 weeks to go before our 6 month adventure, I thought I would share with you all the preparation we’ve done along the way. Please feel free to contact me Via Followmytrackz if you have any questions!

Itinerary :










Pierce and I always knew we would need a lot of vaccinations but we didn’t realise just how many and how much they would cost!

I booked in an appointment with my local GP. Here I got the below free of charge:






I also had to have 3 shots of Hepatitis B which was £20 per shot. I was advised to go to a travel clinic for my next set of jabs, After doing my research I found Superdrug to be the cheapest place to go.

I paid £90 for 5 months worth of Malaria tablets, we decided to go for doxycilin as this seemed to have the least extreme side effects. I was also advised to get rabbies and Japanese encephalitis. For Rabbies I needed 3 shots, each costing £55. For jap E I needed two shots, totalling to £190 for both. At first I decided against Jap E as there’s such a small chance of getting it as a traveller. Once I had looked into how bad Jap E is if you suffer from it, I decided that for £190 I would get it to be safe.

13 vaccinations later and a few black outs, the total including malaria tablets was £505.

Bank accounts:

I decided to open up two bank accounts for our travels, the first being monzo. I downloaded the app, Uploaded a video along with my driving license to verify my identity and then my bank card was sent out to me. With monzo you can withdraw up to £200 per month without any charge, along with unlimited card payments free of charge. £200 isn’t enough for us to withdraw per month so we decided to open up a revolut account too.

Revolut has a similar process to monzo, Except you have to open the account with £10 and pay £5 for your card to be delivered. Revolut again has a £200 per month free of charge withdrawal system, totalling us to be able to withdraw £400 p/m completely charge free! Although we will be paying for hostels by card, We expect to need to withdraw a little more cash than the £400 but we will definitely be saving money on the withdrawal fee by having both accounts.

Top tip! After watching endless videos and reading articles, I’ve decided to keep my money in my Halifax account for extra security. I will only transfer the money over when I need to withdraw it, that way if anything we’re to happen to my card I would not be loosing my entire 6 months budget.


Skyscanner is my go to when it comes to booking flights, remember to search in cognito mode to find the best prices! I found the cheapest flights by searching for the whole month as oppose to picking one date in particular, there can be a huge difference in price for flights just days apart. I decided to pre book all of our flights as we are sure of our time in each country we are visiting.


So I have done my best to pack light, however I am a girl after all and I love clothes far to much to slum it In 3 vests for 6 months!

On average i packed 3 day dresses, 4 playsuits, 4 pairs of shorts, 6 tops & 10 bikinis (Okay I got a little over excited with the bikinis). I then packed 1 pair of sliders, 1 pair of flip flops and will be wearing my trainers to the airport. The key to packing your clothes is to roll them! I also brought back pack dividers so that I can keep my bag neat and tidy, for now at least!

Below I have put my check list for other items that we have brought along the way for our trip. Some of these are personal to myself or pierce but you get the jist:

Along with all of the above, we decided that medication was essential for us to Pack. We didn’t get anything out of the ordinary, I will drop it down here if you need any ideas:

drowsy travel sickness

non drowsy travel sickness



Constipation tablets

antiseptic cream



Pierce and I will be booking our accommodation as we travel however we have pre booked our first night to avoid walking the streets of Bangkok severely jet lagged haha. we plan to use Agoda, hostel world and occasionally air bnb. While using agoda I’ve found that you build up credit as you book and there’s often large discounts on the rooms. Our main accom will be hostels however we have noticed that it’s often just as cheap for us to share a hotel room and split the cost. Once we have begun our trip I will be able to give you more advice on this topic.

Travel insurance:

Finding good but affordable travel insurance proved a lot more difficult than we anticipated! We looked on all the standard comparison sites and was being quoted extortionate prices on both single and couple policy's. We came across holiday safe backpacker insurance, we paid £180 for the both of us for our entire trip. I previously had a claim through my travel insurance on my previous trip to Thailand due to an accident so this may had risen the price slightly, although we were still very happy with how cheap this was!

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