Portugal’s Diary 🇵🇹

12 days, over 1200Km & a whole lot of memories..Pierce and I set out on our road trip from Faro!

After Spending our first night in Albufeira, Exploring the beautiful beaches and endless caves we fell in love with Portugal almost instantly. Although beautiful, the touristy element of Albufeira took away the real Portuguese experience that we later had the pleasure to enjoy. Top tip! Benagil cave is a must see however you must book in advance to avoid disappointment! . We arrived early (Around 11am) to book onto a boat trip or hire a kayak to reach the beach as this is only accessible via boat. After a very long que down the beach we were extremely disappointed to find that it was a total sell out and would be too dangerous to swim. Pierce decided he would be rebellious and swim out to the cave which I would definitely not advise!! Although he said it was totally worth the swim!

Next stop: Lisbon!

Our next stop was 2 1/2 hours north to Lisbon. Here we spent Three nights In a basic Ibis hotel, Just a short tube ride from the centre. Lisbon was beautiful and packed with Restaurants & great bars. We decided to join a pub crawl on the first night which we greatly suffered for the following day 😂We decided to drive to a nearby beach for sun rise which was by far one of my favourite parts of our trip. The 40 minute drive to Playa de Fonte da Telha was totally worth it! We arrived just before sunrise and we’re the only 2 on the beach (which also meant we had the best patch when it become busy later in the morning). In the evenings we spent time in Rossio square as it was a great place to hang out, we ate here one night and the atmosphere truly made it.

Next stop: Porto!

We then headed all the way up to Porto which was my favourite place we visited! The city was unreal, Beautiful to look at, Plenty to do and amazingly cheap restaurants! Here we climbed the harbour bridge, watched the sun set from the famous hill in Porto (You can’t miss it) and enjoyed every part of the scenery. All along Douro river there were restaurants, shops and bars to enjoy, we spent one afternoon at a shisha bar and took in the view. A great part about Porto was how cheap you could dine! We visited a restaurant just off the main strip along the Douro river and enjoyed a 2 course meal including an alcoholic drink for just €8 each, Including steak! I would advise coming away from the river slightly for these insanely cheap prices!

Next stop: Aveiro

Our next stop was Aveiro, 1 hour south of Porto. This was meant to be ‘Portugal’s very own venice’ however it wasn’t quite what we were expecting. Having visited Venice, they don’t really compare unfortunately. Although we wasn’t best impressed, we hired free bikes and cycled around the city which definitely made up for it! We also went on a boat ride up the river and learnt a little about Aveiro. We finished our trip with a 4 1/2 hour drive back to the algarve for one last day in the sun before our flight home.

Top Tips:

In both Lisbon and Porto we joined a free walking tour that we found online. The tour lasted around 2 hours and showed us the must see’s of the city and hot spots for night life and dining. This is definitely something I would suggest doing, You will learn all about the history of the city and find gems you would never had known about exploring alone!

Something you should definitely know before your road trip through Portugal! The toll roads are extremely expensive! When booking our trip we wasn’t aware that toll roads would be such a huge part of our trip. Over the 12 days we racked up a bill of £95, which was an expense we hadn’t budgeted for! Our hire car was automatically linked with the tolls so all we had to do was pay the bill at the end, so not too much hassle just inconvenient!

Websites we used for booking:



Ryanair rooms & car hire


Overall I would say the entire trip including car hire, flights, all accommodation and spending money came to around £900pp.

I hope you enjoyed my first article! Stay tuned, there’s plenty more to come! Please head over to followmytrackz on Instagram for all things travel 🌏

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