Croatia’s Diary 🇭🇷

Pierce and I landed in Dubrovnik for our first trip to Croatia! The beginning of our journey was.. eventful 😂

Pierces first experience of driving on the other side of the road was in the pitch black around the most winding, narrow roads EVER! When we first got in our hire car and pulled away it was beeping and was getting louder and louder, I was pulling cases off the back seat, opening & closing the door frantically trying to figure out what was wrong with the bloody thing to find we just hadn’t let the hand break down we got off to a good start 😂

The drive was meant to had taken around 2 hours however after a lot of swearing and closing my eyes around bends, we made it to Orebic in just over three!

^ this map really doesn’t give any credit to how winding and terrifying the roads are out there!

Day 1:

We spent our first day exploring nearby our hotel and finding one of the only beaches in Croatia with Sand, Trstenica Beach. We went for a swim and hired jet skis for incredibly cheap, I believe it was no more than £15 each for half hour on the jet ski!

Day 2:

We decided to hop on a boat and head over to korcula, just a 10 minute boat ride away. We stayed in The Aminess grand azur hotel which was around a 20 minute walk to the main centre of orebic where you could get on all different boats to nearby islands. The town of korcula was beautiful! It was very quaint with many little streets you could explore. We spent most of this day walking around and stopped off for lunch where the main strip of restaurants are. Top tip! Make sure you check the boat times, We missed the boat we would’ve hoped to get on so had to wait around an hour and a half due to it being later on in the evening 👎🏻

Day 3:

After a day of resting and swimming we climbed an amazing view point! After just a short 30 minute hike we reached the top to the Monastery of Our Lady of Andela, the views were insane! We were actually the only two up there which made it even more enjoyable. Watch out for the crickets, there were soo many up there and if you’re anything like me they will have you completely freaking out 😂

Day 4:

For our last full day in Orebic we went on a day trip to Mljet national park, this was the highlight of the holiday for us both! We spent around 50 minutes on the boat before reaching the park, when we arrived we paid around £10 each for entry. We had a 20-30 minute walk through the park before we reached the beautiful salt lake! Top tip! Everyone seemed to pitch up in the same area, Pierce and I decided to have a look around and see if we could find somewhere more secluded. We found the best pitch out of the way from everyone else, we found this to be the best way to experience Mljet! We hired kayaks for an hour to explore, this was a really nice touch to the day. We spent a lot of our time walking around and taking in the views, I found Mljet to be one of the most beautiful places I had ever visited it’s definitely a must see! We stayed for the beginning of sun set then got the last boat back to Orebic.

Day 5:

On our last day we headed back to Dubrovnik to see the city before catching a flight home. After 5 days in the quiet and beautiful Orebic, Dubrovnik was a bit of a shock to the system! We found it was far to touristy to enjoy and was immediately ripped off with parking, we had planned to spend our entire day here but was charged £5 per hour to park!! We walked around for 1-2 hours before deciding it was far to hot and busy to enjoy so we headed to a beach near the airport before heading home.

Croatia was by far one of my favourite country’s to had ever visited. Staying away from the main touristy area was definitely the best decision we could’ve made. The only downside to Orebic was that there wasn’t much night life but this didn’t matter to us as we spent the evenings in our hotel or at the bar.

Websites we used to book:

•Super escapes travel

•Car hire-Expedia

I hope you enjoyed my article on Croatia! Stay tuned, there’s plenty more to come! Please head over to followmytrackz for all things travel 🌏

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