Handling Lockdown as an Outdoorsy Type

With the government enforcing a lockdown around the country on climbing walls, restaurants nad shops, us outdoorsy people are most likely to experience 'cabin fever' the quickest. We all know how much you're craving the next big adventure outside, and there's no substitute for that, but here are a few ideas to help you through.

For those of you on Facebook and Instagram, you'll likely have already come across the #ClimbersInQuarantine movement whereby climbers scale the walls, stairs, and units in their homes. So what can you do to keep yourselves occupied?

Plan your next big trip

While we're not sure for certain how long the lockdown will go on for, there's a good chance that by summer it will all be over. So in the meantime, why not plan your next big trip? Have you been dreaming of diving a shipwreck you've never been to before? Well now is the time to work out the logistics of getting there and planning your decompression stages. What about that big-wall climb you've been looking at? Well, it's time to get prepping!

While this doesn't mean you're out adventuring, you will be enveloped in your world and will hopefully help to pass the time.

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Read a Book

There is a plethora of reading material out there, much of which is free, to stem your urge for the outdoors. Active Elements has written an article for The Best Books for Bold Adventurers which points out some of our favorite reads. Now is the perfect time to refresh yourself on some of the theory behind advanced gasses for scuba diving, learning new knots for your climbing ability, or to discover a new adventure to undertake. Get your head in the books, and by the time the coronavirus pandemic is over, you'll be even more set up for the adventure season.

Train For Adventure

Given that Boris Johnson has announced all gyms and leisure centres are to close, training for your sport has become a whole lot harder. During the Press Conference today (20th March 2020) it was stated that you can still head outdoors, so long as the social distancing measures are maintained. So while you can't work, or go to the pub with the guys, why not go for a run instead? Cardio is essential for virtually any sport and adventure, so make the most of it!

As mentioned above, can you learn a new skill for your sport? Rock climbing, for example, there's a tonne of knots you could learn to help to build an anchor on the rock face. What about learning to meditate, or practice yoga to refine your calm self, which can have profound effects on all sports, as well as your mental wellbeing.

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Maintain / Organise your gear

Let's face it, we all neglect our gear from time to time. Well, now you're stuck in with little to do so why not give your kit the TLC it deserves? My first task will be to hose down and clean the mountain bike which has embodied a thin layering of mud since it's last outing.

It's a great opportunity to carry out checks and maintenance on gear. If you can service things, even better! Scuba units, for example, take a while to be serviced and cleaned, so make the most of the time. Now is the best time to check that small tear you've got in a sling, to throw it out and order a new one, and to assess how much gear you really have and what is needed for the coming season.

Have you got any other suggestions for us outdoorsy types during the pandemic? Please let us know what you think in the comments below, we'd love to hear your ideas!

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