Emma Twyford Crushes The Big Bang

Emma Twyford has become the third person in recorded history to send The Big Bang (9a) in Pen Trwyn, North Wales, and is the first British woman to achieve it, since it was put up in 1996 by Neil Caron.

Emma Redpointed the route as a long term project on the notoriously tough route, the final section being a severe finish and has proven to shut down most climbers that attempt it.

"It went first go today. Conditions weren't even that good"

Emma is the first person to have finished the climb since James Mcaffie's attempt back in 2011 and is the first female to have completed the route.

"At the top I thought to myself, did that actually just happen? I wasn't pumped and it felt like a path. There was also a fair bit of swearing with the relief of finally getting it done."

Keep on climbing Emma, we're looking forward to what you do next.

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