Date Ideas for Outdoorsy Couples

If you are lucky enough to have a significant other (even luckier if they’re as outdoorsy as you are!), then you’ll know how hard it can be to find new date ideas that venture past the run-of-the-mill dinner date, cinema nights and late night snack runs to munch on while watching Netflix. If, like many of us the idea of being sat in the same place, time and time again, haunts you, hopefully your partner is the same! Here are the top ideas I have come across for a different date night. For those of you that are single, they make for a great impression on a first date too!

Indoor Climbing

This one can be really fun. It’s bold, it's exhausting and it's something much more quirky than the take away down the road. If you’ve climbed a few times and know what you’re doing, most climbing walls will let you sponsor your date, giving you a chance to impress and have a laugh at the same time. If you have never climbed before then even better! Now it’s an opportunity for you both to learn together! As a first date idea, what more could you want, you will end up having a tonne of fun, genuine laughter, trust building as well as sharing the memory of doing something different together and stand out from the crowd. It will let you show your date you’re an outdoorsy type and you’ll get to know each other a lot better than wearing a persona over a candle lit meal (though a meal afterwards couldn’t hurt!) through genuine laughter and experience.

If you fancy taking your partner on a date to go rock climbing, click here!

Picnic by the lake

You can see it in pretty much all of the romance films out there. The couple have a great little wicker basket packed to the brim with food, a blanket and two beaming smiles. There’s a reason it’s such a cliche scene - it works! It is a simple afternoon that takes you both back to basics, forcing you away from distractions of the modern world and therefore locking you both in conversation (hopefully!). The best bit is, if its a first date and isn’t going too well it’s something that can be called a day whenever either of you feel like it without causing any drama. If it goes well it opens up the option to go for a walk in the nearby woodland, or to skim rocks across the surface of the water (make sure there’s no swimmers or scuba divers around first!)

Wander Free

Sometimes you cannot beat the simplicity of a wander around in the elements heading nowhere in particular, being totally caught up in the moment and each other. Whilst this might not be quite as suitable for a first date, if you know the person this can be a lovely way to pass the time. If the sun is shining, it’s a great way to top up your tan as you go. If you know your way around the local forest or woodlands, head out with a picnic. If you don’t know the area then just head out and wander (just make sure you do your research so you don’t get lost!).

Hire a rowing boat

There’s something about being near water that makes a date right? Hiring a row boat can be really cheap without looking like it and a barrel of laughs if you haven't done it before. Again, its something different and unique - therefore memorable. Again, if it’s a nice summers day, it can prove to be a really relaxing afternoon as you row around the lake or river. Just make sure your date isn’t terrified of water first…

Climb a mountain

This one is more for the couples. Save the date. Agree that you are going to do this and then when the day comes simply load up the car with your hiking gear and head out into the wilderness. There are few other challenges like hiking a mountain or hill and for many climbing to the summit of Snowdon or Ben Nevis is on their bucket list. So even if scaling the terrain is a normal thing to you, for your partner it might just be a dream come true. First impressions? Awesome.

Campfire dreaming

Another one for the couples. Similar to the mountain climbing, make a plan and do it. This one will only work if you’re both pretty outdoorsy and comfortable enough spending the night in a tent surrounded by the elements. Many guys and girls are particularly attached their creature comforts and can find themselves lost without them. If you decide to go for it though, find a campsite where they allow campfires to add that special touch to your night away. You will soon realise hotel rooms are overrated as you both chat late into the night, letting the dancing of the flames keep you both warm and roasting marshmallows over the embers of the campfire. Trust me on this one, some of the greatest nights away are created with the most basic and simple surroundings!

So have you got any other suggestions? Or have you had a date like any of these? Maybe you fancy something a bit more daring? Fair play to you guys and girls! Let us know what you get up to in the comments below

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