Daring Dads: The ultimate fathers day gift guide

With father's Day coming up on the 16th June, we figured we'd try helping you buy for your ole' man. If he's anything like mine, he's hard to buy for - anything he need's he already has, anything he want's he will buy without thinking. So here's a few idea's that might help you buying for the man that has it all.


It might sound dull to you, but (as much as we would all love to) we can't be out on adventures every moment of our lives. Often tiring weeks at the office, or relentless shift patterns mean we can't find the time to take that weekend out from the rat race and venture to somewhere new.

So what better way to escape the world around him than by getting lost in a good book written by one of his idols? Not only will it stop your dad from feeling the cabin fever so much, it might inspire him for his next venture overseas, or the next mountain he's going to climb.

If you're stuck for some idea's, check out 'Best Books for Bold Adventurers'.

Magazine Subscriptions

Similarly to the book idea above, a subscription to a magazine will help him get though those monotonous days. What's more, magazines are released every month so your dad can stay up to date with the latest news and reviews of everything in his sport, whether its Scuba Diving, Rock Climbing or Mountain Biking, there's a mag out there to suit him.

If he's eco-conscious (we all should be!) and he doesn't like the idea of funding the destruction of tree's to produce magazines, most subscriptions now offer digital-only options where a digital version is delivered to a chosen device (computer, tablet, phone etc) every time it is released, and it is often cheaper than ordering a physical copy.

Gift Vouchers (for the expensive stuff)

The best thing about giving gifts is giving something physical and watching the smile spread across their face. The trouble is, if your dad is pretty outdoorsy or sporty, he probably already has all the little gifts and the basics for his sport. This means whatever he hasn't got is going to be more specialist and expensive.

If he's been eyeing up a new snowboard or shopping about for a new harness, you probably won't want to fork out a couple of hundred quid on it. Even if you did, can you be sure it's exactly to the spec he wants and needs? This is why sports kit can be so hard to buy for someone and why gift vouchers are a godsend. Give him the freedom to buy exactly the make and model he chooses, knowing that you've just contributed to a serious investment in his next adventure.

Sports Insurance

As much as we don't like to think about it, the world outdoors can be a hostile place. It doesn't matter whether its a hike through the mountains, a vertical rock climb up several hundred meters, or playing in (or under) the waves, it will probably be a remote place with limited access. We always hope that nothing goes wrong, but there's always the possibility.

To protect against hefty bills and damages if/when things do turn bad, it's recommended that every adventure sports person has a valid insurance for their equipment and rescue. The trouble is, these insurance memberships can be pricey and are often passed up.

It's worth finding out if your dad is insured for his sport, and what his cover includes. If he isn't then a policy can make a real difference to him. Companies like Divers Alert Network (DAN) and British Mountaineering Council (BMC) Insurance can charge upwards of £80 annually for a membership, but should it be needed, their cover is second to none.

Survival Para-cord Bracelet

Something a little more basic now, and that's exactly why your dad would love it. Pretty much any wilderness sport (hiking, camping, trail running, rock climbing etc) revolve on the ability to stay prepared. It comes as no surprise then that the market out there is flooded with handy little tools and bits of kit that serve to get you out of trouble.

Of these, our favourite is a multipurpose paracord band or bracelet. They can be stylish and discreet but can prove to be the most valuable tool when stuck outside. The flint and steel is ideal for lighting fires, while the whistle helps to draw attention if you're stuck somewhere. Most have a compass mounted to them as well to aid navigation across the hills and forests. The paracord itself can also be used for a plethora of scenarios.

Robust Outdoor Torch

Finally, we reccomend buying your dad a decent torch. Sounds simple? Well a high-quality outdoor torch (one that's waterproof, rechargeable and shock proof) can amass into the £££'s and torches are the most overlooked piece of kit any outdoor Adventurer will have.

Whether your dad is a scuba Diver, caver, hiker or climber, a high end torch will be invaluable. Even if most of his adventures are spent in the daylight, a solid torch will help in the off chance that he gets caught out on the hills, or finds a cave that runs a bit deeper and darker than a standard headtorchcan serve.

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