Without a doubt, the Climbing Masterclass is the best way to see drastic changes in both your fitness and climbing ability in a short space of time. Comparable to Personal Training sessions, the Climbing Masterclass offers a range of support in not only training, but a personalised training and nutrition regime too, all built for you as an individual and geared towards achieving your own personal goals. 


The Masterclass sessions can be booked individually on a pay as you go basis, or in blocks of 3 or 5 which provide you with discounts. All sessions are 2.5 hours long and can be booked for individuals or for a pair with no change to the price. All sessions are tailored towards your personal goals and ambitions, as well as fitness level and previous experience to make sure you get the most out of your session. 


- Single Session - £34.99

- 3x Session Package - £89.99 (£29.99 per session. Saving £15)


- 5x Session Package - £144.99 (£28.99 per session. Saving £30)

Includes a personalised Programme tailored to you. 


To get even more out of your training, Active Elements can provide you with a tailored nutrition and training plan to help develop new habits and build on existing lifestyle traits to maximise your performance. These plans are compiled with your goals in mind, and the coach will hold a 15 to 20 minute consultation with you to understand your goals, objectives and current lifestyle to construct a plan suited perfectly to you. 

These programmes will help enhance training you receive from the Masterclass sessions, as well as hold guidance on how to train independently between your coached sessions. They'll also provide you with a detailed nutrition plan to help develop the mind and body to aid in reaching your goals. 

To arrange your personalised programme, please book a 20 minute consultation (free) where we can gather any information needed. Better still, you don't pay a penny until your programme is complete. 


For the full experience, why not kit yourself out with the right training equipment? All equipment will be provided during your Masterclass Sessions, but if you want to do any additional training then you may want to get yourself some gear. 

We've selected the equipment to be affordable and reliable, as well as straightforward to use.

Coming Soon

We will soon be able to provide you with a range of products and supplements that will aid and support both your training and your nutrition plan. From standard multi-vitamins to intensive intra-workout blends, we will be bringing you a specially selected range from the top brands and suppliers. 

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