Rock Climbing is perhaps the most under-estimated adventure sport out there. People of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels can give it a go, and there is always something for everyone! Some climbers prefer the warmth of a climbing gym, while others like to wrestle with the elements on real rock outdoors. Your options are endless!

Please be aware that children must be a minimum of 5 years old at the time of the experience in order to participate. 


If pushing the boundaries of what is humanly possible is your kind of thing, or fancy trying something a little more quirky, rock climbing is definitely for you. From the local climbing gyms to scaling some of the worlds best big walls, climbing has something for everyone. 


Hour long sessions for you individually, or bookable in pairs. These coaching sessions are tailored to your needs and wants, so whether you've just started climbing and want to learn the ropes, or an experienced climber looking to improve on your climbing grade, we can help.



Without a doubt, the Climbing Masterclass is the best way to see drastic changes in both your fitness and climbing ability in a short space of time. Comparable to Personal Training sessions, the Climbing Masterclass offers a range of support in not only training, but a personalised training and nutrition regime too, all built for you as an individual and geared towards achieving your own personal goals. 


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