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Planning a Weekend on a Budget


  • Get to Know Your Draws

  • Wildboar Clough Scramble

  • BMC Latest on COVID-19

  • Adventure Dogs: The mutt that climbed 23,000ft

Planning a Weekend on a Budget

With Lockdown slowly coming to an end and camping reinstated, here's Mountain Mon's top tips for planning your weekend on a budget.

Review: Kong Frog Quickdraws

Aaron takes a look at the new Frog Quickdraw from Kong - an innovative new concept on sport quickdraws, but are they as cool as they look?

BMC COVID-19 Update

Here's the latest from the British Mountaineering Council regarding the COVID-19 outbreak.

Handling Lockdown as an Outdoorsy Type

As the government enforces a lockdown, here's a few ideas to help us outdoorsy types handle the cabin fever.

BMC Latest on COVID-19

As the novel coronavirus continues to plague the country, the British Mountaineering Council (BMC) issue more guidance.

Get to Know Your Draws

No, I don't mean your dodgy Y-Fronts, Calvin Boxers or Lacy Lingerie. I am of course referring to quickdraws! Pretty much every climber w...

Emma Twyford Crushes The Big Bang

Emma Twyford has become the third person in recorded history to send The Big Bang (9a) in Pen Trwyn, North Wales, and is the first Britis...

Wildboar Clough Scramble

Wildboar Clough is one of the classic scrambling routes in the Peak District and many people say it's one of their favourites. Located by...

5 Top Tips for Climbing Newbies

So you're just starting out in the big world of rock climbing, you've passed your safety test and can climb independently at your local i...

Playing in the Peaks

Aaron heads off to the Peak District for a weekend of Climbing with his pal Dave. But from the outset things didn't go to plan.

Austin Howell 'Freesoloist' Dies

Austin Howell, 31, better known as 'Freesoloist' by his social following on Instagram has sadly passed away after falling from a route on...

10-Year-Old climbs El Cap, breaks records

El Capitan - the climbing mecca for all rock climbers. It is known as the home of rock climbing, and has seen some of the biggest names i...

Honnold & Gobright Make second free-solo of El Capitan

It seems like only yesterday that the drama and hype of 'Free Solo' Alex Honnold's documentary film of his free ascent of El Capitan was ...

What I learned from my first Trad Climb

Trad climbing (traditional climbing) has come a long, long way from the days of Don Whelan and Royal Robbins. Thankfully so has the equip...

Adventure Dogs: The mutt that climbed 23,000ft

We're running an 'Adventure Dogs' feature throughout the season and it is all down to this stunner of a pooch called Mera. It's believed ...

Mistakes all Beginner Climbers Make

It's natural. You're tied into the rope and staring up the wall to the top. The adrenaline starts to pump as you wrap your fingers around...

Tragic Avalanche Kills 3

Whilst most of us were indulging too much food and drink on Easter Sunday, the bodies of three professional climbers were found following th





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