The Home of Adventure

Established in June 2019 with the goal of fighting mental illness with adventure, Active Elements is proud to call itself a community of adventurers. We aim to share our experiences, advice and news with the world of like minded people. Simply put, we love living in our element! Whether it's in the water, among the rock, riding the snow, or becoming one with the natural elements around us, we've discovered our element.

We are also host a plethora of trips, courses and adventures across a range of sports from scuba diving to mountaineering for everyone from the humble beginner to the seasoned veteran. So there is something for everyone! 

We're a team of adventurers in all different sports and travel, but all united by the same sense of exploration. Some of the team are qualified instructors in their sport, whilst others are simply enthusiasts with a passion for aiding others.

Do you share our passion? Feel free to get in touch and ask about joining the team! We're always welcoming new writers, video producers, expedition leaders and tour operators.

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